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Super Fishing

Catch fish with your fishing rod quickly before you run out of time.  Watch out for the storm cloud, if you hover underneath it for too long, you will get zapped.

Left Mouse Button - Cast the line.  Hold down to go deeper.  Release the mouse button to begin reeling in the line..
Mouse - Move the boat left and right.

Super Fishing is an easy game to play.  If you spend a little bit of time playing this one, you'll surely be able to master it.  On the main page, you'll see option to play the game, view the high scores or download the game.

Once you begin playing, the controls are fairly simple.  Move the mouse left and right to control the boat.  To cast your line, press the left mouse button.  Get a hook near the mouth of a fish to catch it and reel it back into your boat.  You will earn points for each fish that you catch.  Be careful not to hover under the storm cloud for too long or you will be zapped by lightning.  When your game is over, you'll have the option to save your score online.  This can be a good opportunity to show off your online fishing skills to your friends and family.

You'll earn points for catching the different fish, crabs, etc.  But you will want to be careful not to catch the debris in the water as reeling it back to your boat will result in a penalty (and a reduction in points).

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