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Reel Fishing

Cast your lure near a fish to hook it. When the fish takes the lure, reel it back to the boat. Keep pressure on the fish to wear it down, but don't put too much pressure on it or the line may snap.

Left/Right Arrow Keys - Turn the fisherman.
Up Arrow Key - Tap to begin your cast. When the desired distance has been reached on the distance meter, tap the up arrow key again.
Down Arrow Key - Reel in your lure.

On the main screen of Reel Fishing (Online), you can choose between options such as Play Game!, Instructions, High Scores and About.  The Play Game! button will take you directly to the action and you can start fishing.  The Instructions button will teach you how to play the game.  The High Scores button will show you what other players have done recently and the About button will explain who was responsible for the creation of this game.

In order to start playing, there are some simple things that you must know.  To turn, use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys.  To cast your line, tap the UP  arrow key and your cast will begin.  When the distance meter reaches the distance that you desire, tape the UP arrow key again.  Make sure that you do not cast into the rocks!  The DOWN arrow key can be used to reel in your lure once it has been cast.  You should cast your lure near a fish to try to hook it.  When the fish takes the lure, use the DOWN arrow key to bring it back to the boat.  Keep pressure on the fish to help tire it out, but take extra care not to apply too much pressure or you may snap the line.  You can keep your eye on the drag pressure meter to ensure that you are not putting too much pressure on the line.  Keep the fish off of the rocks and out from under the boat or you will certainly lose both the fish and your lure!

Reel Fishing has no real goal (other than catching fish) or ending.  Instead, fight the fish and try to reel as many as you can back to your boat.  You will earn points based on the type and size of each fish that you catch.  When you run out of lures, the game will be over.  Happy fishing!

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