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Martian Madfish

As the single creature living on Mars, Madfish is getting lonelier by the day.  Using his special ability to jump and fly, he plans to make a giant leap to planet Earth.  Help him make it to earth while keeping him alive by eating the blue gas bubbles rising from the water.

Arrow Keys - Swim in water
SPACE - Flap your tail to fly (while in the air)

The objective of each level will be presented prior to playing.  For level one, the goal is to jump to a height of at least one thousand feet.  As the water level is dropping, you must hurry and complete this objective prior to the water running out.  A tip to help complete this level is to catch the blue gas bubbles that rise from the water.  These bubbles will make you swim faster and as a result, you will fly higher in the air.  You can use the UP arrow key to move forward and the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to rotate left and right, respectively.  Press the SPACE key to flap your tail in the air and fly.  Catching the blue bubbles will increase your energy for swimming and flying and the red bubbles will give you an upward speed boost.

You will find that this is one tough little Martian fish.  Once he launches out of the water, he will fly through the air flipping and flopping around.  When he runs out of energy, gravity will take over and he will come crashing back down into the water.  Help this crazy fish reach planet Earth!

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