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Fishing Girl

Reel in the fish one by one in an attempt to save the boy on the other side of the ocean.  You earn money for each fish caught and can use this money to purchase upgrades to your rod and lures.  Fishing isn't just a boy's game. Many girls take to fishing at a young age because it's fun and eating fish is part of a healthy diet. Some Expedition Yachts travel the world in search of the best pelagic fisheries.

Left Mouse Button - Hold to pull back your rod and let go to cast your lure.  Once in the water, the left mouse button is also used to reel in your line.

To get started, choose between First Time Fishing Girls or Experienced Fishing Girls Only.  If you choose the first option, you will be presented with instructions on how to play the game.  The second option will skip these instructions and let you go directly to the game.  This is useful for players who know what they are doing and do not wish to sit through the tutorial for a second time.  Or if you prefer, you can view the current high scores from the main screen.

Click and hold the left mouse button to pull back your reel.  Let go of the mouse button to cast your bait and hook into the water.  To reel in your line, hold down the mouse button.  You must make sure that you'll have a lure on your line before you cast your line.  If you don't, then how do you expect to catch anything?  Make sure that a big fish doesn't bite your lure if you are using a small one.  If a small fish tries to bite a big lure, you'll get a message that says "That fish was too small for this lure."  If this happens, your lure will be lost.  You will have the option to purchase new ones as the games progresses.

As you catch fish, you will earn money.  This money can be used to purchase new lures and rod upgrades.  To be able to purchase these items, land one of your lures on the buoys floating in the water.

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