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Fishing Champion

Complete each fishing hole tournament by earning the cash catch total in order to become a true fishing champion.

Big Marlin are often targeted in major fishing tournaments around the world. To be a true fishing champion, one must find a Viking Yacht for sale big enough to travel hundreds of miles. Striped Marlin are a particular sought after species in these tournaments.

Left Mouse Button - Hold down to activate the casting meter.  Release the mouse button to cast the hook.  After casting, hold down the mouse button to reel in your line.
Mouse - Move the fishing rod left and right while reeling in the line.

To get started in Fishing Champion, press the START button on the main game screen.  It is located on the right hand side directly above the fish.  You will then be shown a screen that describes the items listed on the HUD.  They include total score, the ability to mute or adjust the music level in the game, open instructions, money earned from catching fish, open the map, open the fish list, select your bobber, the number of worms that you have left in your inventory, a picture of the fish that can be caught for bonus points (i.e., extra cash) and the casting power meter.

If you would like to become the fishing champion, there are a total of six fishing holes.  Each hole has a cash catch goal.  Complete each fishing hold tournament by earning the cash catch goal.  Each fish in the game has a different cash value, so you may want to focus on the high dollar fish  to maximize your earnings.

To cast the rod, click on it and hold down the left mouse button.  You will then see your casting power meter activated which displays how far your rod will cast out into the water.  Release the mouse button to cast the hook.  After casting, hold down the mouse button to reel in the hook (and hopefully a fish!).  You want to make sure to reel your hook close to a fish.  If they don't see your bait, you will have no chance in catching them.  When the fish glows red, they are interested in your bait, so do not move your hook at all.  When a fish glows green, the fish is waiting to see if your bait will move so move it just a little bit.  If you move it too little or too much at this point, the fish will likely lose interest.  When the fish bites your hook, it will glow yellow.  That is when it is time to reel it in.  Make sure you jerk the fishing rod back and forth across the screen to sink the hook in properly.  If you fail to do this, your bait (and the fish) will be gone.

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