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Fish Tales

Use your mouse to help Sunny the fish survive in dangerous waters by eating smaller fish in order to grow larger. Avoid fish bigger than you at all costs.

Mouse - Move around in the water.

Sunny, the small fish lives in the vast ocean.  Use the mouse to navigate through the dangerous open water in an attempt to survive.  In order to survive, you must follow the rules.  First, eat as many fish as you can that are smaller than you.  Second, avoid being eaten by any fish that are bigger than you.  And finally, eat enough fish to become the biggest fish in the ocean. 

Using your mouse to avoid the big fish is really the name of the game.  Once you eat enough fish, you will move onto the next level.  You'll be taken to the main screen where you will learn the name of the next level.  To proceed to that level, simply press the START button in the lower right corner.

At the top of the screen, several useful items of information are displayed.  On the far left is the number of lives that you have remaining.  In the center is your total score.  At the far left is your growth meter which shows the progress that you are making in your effort to become a bigger fish.  The red triangles at the top of the growth meter indicate the points at which your fish will grow larger and be able to eat more varieties of fish.  Once you reach the top level on the growth meter, you'll be able to feast at will.

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