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Fish Mania

Catch as many fish as you can and then put them in the box on the left before time expires.  Time the angle perfectly to catch the fish you are after.

Left Mouse Button - Cast your line at the current angle

The first thing you will see is a screen where you can choose the language that this game will be displayed in.  If you are reading this text, then more than likely you will want to choose the first option - English.  Next you'll be taken to the main screen which includes buttons that will enable you to start the game, view the game credits (you can see the individuals responsible for coding the game, creating the artwork, generating the sound effects and those individuals who worked on testing the game while it was under development), view top scores or play more games from the developer.

When you start the game, you will be taken to a brief tutorial that will give you some tips and tricks to master Fish Mania.  Here you can see how much each of the various fish in this game are worth (in terms of total points) and you can also see two items that will increase your time (the yellow and orange star) and decrease your time (the black fish skeleton).  To catch a fish, click the left mouse button when the fish is in line with your hook.  The hook will continue to move in an arc-like fashion, so be patient and do not click the mouse button until the hook is lined up with whatever it is that you want to catch.  Once the fish is on the line, it will automatically be reeled in.  Then wait for the fish to line up with the box on the left side of the screen and press the mouse button again when the fish is lined up with the box.  Once the fish is placed in the box, you will be awarded points (or time, as the case may be) for the catch.

Your time is displayed at the top of the screen.  It is the yellow bar that will slowly get smaller as time expires.  To the right of that is a QUIT button that can be used to exit the game if you want to end prematurely.  Don't forget to submit your score when the game is over.  You never know, you may be the best Fish Mania player in the world!

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