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Bass Fishing Pro

Catch the required number of fish in the allotted time to advance to the next level.

Left/Right Arrows - Move the boat left and right
Down Arrow - Hold down to cast your line, release to begin reeling back to the boat
Up Arrow - This can be used to raise the line (not all rods are equipped with this option)

You will earn money for each fish that you catch.  This money can be used for upgrades at the end of each round.  The upgrades that you can purchase in the tackle shop include engine power for your boat (the more power you give the engine, the more fuel it will consume) and rod speed.  Both of these features will enhance your experience and make fishing a little easier.

Make sure, while you are fishing, to watch your fuel gauge.  If you run out of fuel, your boat will quite literally be dead in the water.  You'll be stuck rowing (or getting out and swimming for shore if you forgot your paddle) until you have the opportunity to purchase more.  When casting the line, make sure that you try to place the hook on the mouth of a fish to catch it.

At the end of each round, the game will calculated how much money you earned from your catch.  At the top of the game screen, you will be able to see how much time is remaining in the round (try to catch everything before time expires!), your total earnings (in dollars), a help icon (the question mark), the ability to mute the sound effects and music and a gauge that shows how much gas you have remaining on board your boat.

Many beginning boat owners start out with largemouth bass fishing because you don't need a big boat. Moving up to a sportfishing boat for sale can increase the range you can travel and the fish you target. Atlantic Sailfish can be an excellent species to target in the Gulf Stream.

Some of the fish that you will be trying to catch in this game include spotted bass, smallmouth bass and largemouth bass.  Enjoy the game!

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